Learn why the ReST Bed™ helps Athletic Performance

ReST Bed™ for Athletes

Intense training causes muscle damage. Sleep allows muscles to recover. This is just as important as the work-out itself. High performing athletes understand this.

The ReST Bed™ is the best mattress for athletes who value recovery. Our mattress was designed specifically for triathletes.

Improved Circulation

The ReST Bed’s™ patented fabric senses your unique shape and pressure profile – and then tells the surface to respond accordingly.  This promotes better circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen the muscles get.  That’s an important contributor to recovery.

Customized Support

The ReST Bed™ is the best mattress for muscle recovery, because the technology allows you to customize your Head, Shoulder, Lumbar, Hips, and Legs. If, for example, your hips are sore from a hard run that day, you can soften just that zone of the mattress.

Sleep Data

The ReST Bed™ reports unique sleep data, which empowers athletes with the information needed to perform their best. Since the data is collected by the patented sensor below the surface, the ReST Bed™ provides the benefits of wearable technologies without athletes having to change their normal habits or routines.

Athletes Seek Out the Best Mattress for Sleep Recovery

Society is realizing how critical healthy sleep is to a healthy lifestyle. Especially in the fitness community, athletes are now more than ever focusing on maximizing recovery through better sleep. What makes a mattress ideal for an athlete? What is the best mattress for athletes? What needs to happen to an athlete’s body while they sleep for their muscles to heal faster? The answer is simple: it’s all about blood flow. The better your circulation, the faster oxygen in your blood stream flows through your muscles, which is key to recovery.

A lot of bedding companies have noticed the uptick in athletes searching to find a bed that can improve their sleep. Companies are quick to tout how their bed is great for athletes, specifically runners, triathletes, cross-fit athletes, etc. They like to point out their comfort layers, their unique foam and the way the foam is exceptionally shaped, how eggs don’t break when you drop one on their bed, and then throw up a stock photo of someone snowboarding in the background to drive their point home. The problem however is that almost every bed out there claiming to be the best bed for athletes cannot know your unique shape, your unique needs, or even what sport you play. They are all essentially claiming that their beds are comfortable, and if you’re comfortable on their beds you’ll sleep better and therefore run, bike, climb, lift, or jump faster.

Although that may very well be true, at the end of the day almost all of these companies are competing in a sea of sameness. That is of course, except for the ReST Bed™, because ReST® is changing the game.

What makes our claim for the best bed for athletes unique? We go on the road to prove it, and we go to where the athletes are to demonstrate our advanced technology.

In 2016 ReST® went to multiple marathons, triathlons, and Ironman events around the country and showed athletes first-hand how our bed is the only bed that can detect how well your blood is flowing while you sleep. Our bed does this through our sewn in medical grade sensor, which can adjust automatically during the night to make sure you maximize your circulation, thus maximizing recovery through sleep. And our bed offers athletes the ability to custom fit their bed to their unique shape and needs based on their individual training.  We may not know what sport you play, but we can know when you roll to your side and automatically reduce pressure in your shoulder so your arm doesn’t fall asleep.

Is there such a thing as the worlds perfect running shoe that fits everyone equally? Runners know that of course there isn’t. Feet shape and size, intonation, and running strides all factor in when finding the right shoe. There is no perfect running shoe, but there is your perfect running shoe. So, is there one perfect bed with one feel that is perfect for everyone? Of course, not. We are all uniquely shaped. And athletes have bodies that are constantly in a state of change. The ReST Bed™ is not a one size fits all bed. It is a dynamic sleep surface that uses five ergonomically designed zones that independently custom fit to whomever is lying down.

Andy Potts and Kari Pearce have one thing in common besides being best in class athletes, they maximize recovery through sleep which empowers them to get the most out of their training. And of course, they both sleep on a ReST Bed™.

Athletes Swear by the ReST Bed™

In the weeks leading up to the World Championship in Kona, my preparation focused very heavily on recovery through better sleep. And I found an amazing secret weapon…The ReST Bed™.

Mirinda Carfrae

3x IRONMAN World Champion

I give the ReST bed a 9 out of 10! Rest is everything, getting up fresh and rested makes the quality of life so much better. The number 1 thing to nail, is sleeping well for every human being, athlete or non athlete.

As a Professional Athlete the most important thing is your recovery, sleeping on a ReST Bed makes a difference, the quality of your sleep is amazing, with that your recovery which leads to better performance. This adds up to being a happier person and overall higher well being. In this matter it doesn’t make a difference if your an athlete or not, a ReST Bed will give you a upgrade of your health and well being.

Yvonne van Vlerken

Dutch Pro Triathlete

The ReST Bed™ is the only bed designed specifically for triathletes. The ReST Bed™ does TWO things that no other bed does. It has customized support for any body part that needs it (head, shoulders, back, hips, and legs). And, it automatically changes firmness in real time.

Siri Lindley

Professional Triathlete Coach, Triathlon World Champion (2001), Aquathon World Champion (2001), 2x winner of the ITU World Triathlon Series

I give the ReST bed a 10 out of 10. Honestly – The best sleep I’ve had since working the PGA Tour! My wife was so comfortable she finally put down her cell phone and fell asleep before I did – A dream come true!

Terry Hashimoto

Golf Pro, Club Designer, and co-developer of the BodiTrak Golf Pressure Map

After a night of wrestling, my body hurts, and I wondered if it would help, so I couldn’t wait to get home to try sleeping in it. Now, each morning it is harder and harder to get out of bed because of how comfortable it is! My WHOLE body feels amazing!

Robbie E

Professional Wrestler