We offer a 90 day risk-free return policy for purchases made through our website. On top of that, we offer a 10 year full warranty. If you have more particular questions about The ReST Bed™, feel free to call our customer support line (888-588-1349), and one of our associates will be happy to help you.

The shipping cost calculated on our website is only valid for shipping within the US. If you would like to learn more specific information about shipping outside of the US, please contact us separately.

While we don’t have any retail partners in Canada (yet), we DO ship and offer White Glove Delivery. (Please note: we charge an additional $199 delivery fee, so $398 total)

Yes, the ReST Bed is compatible with any adjustable base.  There are no special requirements.

 No, there is nothing special about a ReST flat foundation. It is industry standard size. Some people like our flat foundation because the fabric/cover has the same aesthetics as the ReST Bed.

A Split Top is specifically made for use with an adjustable base. The mattress has a split in the head section about a third of the way down. This allows separate movement of the head portion of the mattress and allows couples to cuddle while sleeping without the seam of a Split King mattress. The foot of the bed can still be operated separately, but is one piece.

A Split King is two TXLs side-by-side. The primary reason for purchasing this is if you have an adjustable base and want to have separate movement of the feet section.

We typically ship out within 3 days of receiving an order. Then, it’s just a matter of transit time. Transit time is usually between 3 and 7 days. We ship from California.

White Glove Delivery entails a two-man crew unboxing the mattress, bringing it into the bedroom, setting it up, and cleaning up afterwards. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. The White Glove Delivery crew will call you to schedule a day/time that works about a day out from when they are able to arrive.

The ReST Bed app can be found in both the Android and iOS stores. Thus, you can use any personal device Android or iOS device to control your ReST Bed™.

No. The ReST Bed™ pumps have their own closed WiFi system that connects to the tablet and does not require any additional connection to your home network.

No, our White Glove delivery service and set up is an additional $199.

Yes! You can toggle between automatic and manual modes at any time. The manual mode setting is where you can adjust any of the 5 bladders to your desired comfort level.

Don’t worry your bed won’t start deflating. In the event of power loss, the ReST Bed will temporarily lose its ability to adjust. It will remain at the last firmness setting until the power is restored. The use of a surge protector is also strongly recommended to prevent damage to the internal electronics in the pump.

Of course! Your furry friends will get the best sleep of their lives as well. The size of your furry friend will depict how much pressure shows up on the map and thus how much of an adjustment is made (if you have the bed set in automatic mode). If you are worried about the bed making too many adjustments, we’d recommend leaving it in manual mode.

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