The ReST Bed™. Smart Bed Technology Done Smarter.

Senses pressure. Automatically responds. Reports sleep data. Whether you’re an award-winning athlete, or simply looking for the best night of sleep, our patented smart bed technology helps you sleep better, live better, and perform better.

Sense, Respond, Report

Your support needs change when you are on your back vs. on your side…or based on what you did today. The ReST Bed™, the world’s first smart bed, senses your position and makes automatic real-time adjustments. Further, the ReSTdash™ feature provides sleep data so that you have the information you need to perform your best.

Smart Mattress

"There is no bed on the market that can do all of this. It's like a Sleep Number on steroids."



Leslie G. (Atlanta, GA)


"In already a short period of time my WHOLE body feels amazing!"



Rob S. (Brick, NJ)




"This bed is life changing! My life has changed both while sleeping and awake."



Cory B. (Cleveland, OH)




"Its the only adjustable bed I know of that moves with me and makes me comfortable no matter whether if I am on my back or side."



Andrew F. (Winnipeg, Canada)




"This bed is literally a life changer, allowing me to adjust to meet the needs of my ever changing pregnant body!"



Tara S. (Brick, NJ)




"I am TEN out of TEN likely to recommend the ReST Bed™ to a friend."



Lyron D. (Lewes, DE)




You can find our smart bed at retailers who are at the forefront of sleep technology.

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