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Meet the ReST Bed™

The smart bed athletes deem their 'secret weapon'

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Meet the ReST Bed™

Patented sleep technology, medical grade parts and components, and an industry leading warranty are just some of the things that make this the world’s smartest smart bed.

total customization

Customized support where you need it in 5 ergonomically designed body zones

automatically responds

Real time adjustments as you move during the night


Each side of the bed provides individual adjustment

Sleep Quality Monitoring

Collects data and reports on the quality of your sleep


Fully covered for 10 whole years, no fine print

See Who Sleeps on a ReST Bed™

Andy Potts is an Olympian, Professional triathlete, Husband, Father, and Coach. Hear how The ReST Bed™ fits into his recovery program and allows him to continue performing at an elite level.

Personalized sleep controls with our easy-to-use app

Three operation modes adjust your bed in real-time with your preferred level of control – manual, auto-position or automatic. Set up your bed in minutes, customize it whenever and however you want, and always have the latest smart bed features with free upgrades.

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Our customers rave about the ReST Bed™’s customization and automatic response.

“This bed is life changing! My life has changed both while sleeping and awake. I spent almost $15,000 on 3 other beds before I found this one!” 

Cory B. (Cleveland, OH)

“I was going to buy another Sleep Number until I did some research and found ReST. For me, the ReST bed is superior in terms of both comfort and how I feel when I get out of bed.”

John N. (Chapel Hill, NC)

“I am TEN out of TEN likely to recommend the ReST Bed™ to a friend. It allows me to fall asleep quickly.”

Lyron D. (Lewes, DE)

ReST sleep tips, athlete stories, first-hand customer reviews and a look into how the ReST Bed™ can keep you on the forefront of the sleep technology revolution, productivity, wellness and fitness.

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