February 2017: “Sleep technology innovator Responsive Surface Technology (ReST), the creators of the ReST Bed, has selected SMACK! Media to help plan and implement strategic marketing, media, public relations and athlete campaigns for 2017.”

SMACK! Media beds down with ReST to target endurance athletes

 December 2016: You’ve heard of smart phones and smart homes…but what about a smart bed?“

The ‘Design and Décor’ segment on Living 808 introduces you to what many people describe as the only true smart bed. It’s called ReST Bed®.” See the video here.

Sept 2016: “In the weeks leading up to the World Championship in Kona, my preparation focused very heavily on recovery through better sleep,” said Carfrae.  “As part of this, Tim O’Donnell and I slept on a ReST Bed®.

Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae teams up with ReST®

Sept 2016: Comparison of ReST® “Smart Mattresses” to Those of Start-ups Such as Casper, Simba, and Eve

Comparison of ReST Bed® to those of Start-ups

Sept 2016: BedTimes Magazine features ReST Bed® in coverage of Las Vegas Furniture Market

“The cutting-edge ReST Bed® gives each sleeper a custom fit and provides sleep data so you have the information you need to perform at your best.” Read the full story here

Aug 2016: ReST® Praised For Reinventing The Mattress Shopping Experience

“Designed to be the “ultimate smart bed,” the company’s high-tech mattress does not simply track and log movement, breathing and heart-rate—it provides tangible comfort and support solutions in real-time.” Read the full story here.

April 2016: High-tech ReST Bed® Stresses Customization, Adaptability

“And now for the ReST® of the High Point bedding story, we turn to ReST®, a smart bedding producer who has joined the bedding scene here” as covered in Furniture Today” Read the full story here.

April 2016: How Home Automation is Changing the Way We Live

“The ReST Bed® even adjusts through the night to give you better sleep” as covered in Website Magazine

March 2016: Looking for the Perfect Mattress? Try One You Can Customize

“For Real-Time Response: ReST Bed®” as covered in The Wall Street Journal

March 2016: Snooze control: how sleeping technology is taking over the bedroom

ReST Bed®’s “clever surface” as covered by Evening Standard

March 2016: Sleep Retailer Names ReST® to its 2016 “Companies to Watch” List

Sleep Retailer Names ReST® to its 2016 “Companies to Watch” List

Feb 2016: ReST® Launches Beds with New Sense and Respond Technology

Check out a Sleep Geek video from ReST®’s Las Vegas Furniture Market showroom.

Jan 2016:The Rapid Rise of Sleep Trackers (in Sleep Retailer)

The Rapid Rise of Sleep Trackers (in Sleep Retailer)