FAQ & Troubleshooting

From time to time, there may be a hiccup with set-up or a standard technological bump in the road. Or you may simply have another question that isn’t covered in our product overviews or warranty. Here are some commonly asked questions about the ReST Bed, app, set-up and general care – just in case.


I’d like to have the app on my phone or another device besides the Samsung tablet provided. Can I download it?

Yes, although this is currently available for Android devices only. To download, please visit the Google Play Store, and search either ‘ReST’ or ‘responsive surface technology’. You will see our app pop up with our logo, please install as normal. Once the app downloads and you reconnect your pumps through the new device per standard procedure, you will likely be automatically prompted to update your pump firmware. We recommend doing this to get the latest version of our technology, but please note that you may see some visual differences in your app experience as we continue upgrading our services. Additionally, please also download the Google Play app to your original Samsung device if you intend to use both. The pre-installed app when you purchased the bed may no longer be compatible after you update the pump firmware.

We recognize that many have iOS devices. Our software team is currently working on our iOS development and we hope to launch in 2018. Please check back for updates.

The ReST app on the tablet is not responding or seems to be frozen.

Almost all issues regarding the ReST app can be solved by closing and ‘force-stopping’ the app on the tablet. To do this, close the app, open the settings app from the tablet home screen, select application manager from the menu bar, select the ReST app. With the app settings, tap ‘Force Stop’ and ‘Clear Cache’ (may or may not appear depending on tablet software version). Re-open the app and proceed with using the bed again.

Does the ReST Bed require a home WiFi network?

No. The ReST Bed pumps have their own closed WiFi system that connects to the tablet, and does not require any additional connection to your home network. So if you don’t have WiFi, your pesky landscaper accidentally cut your cable again, or your cable operator mistakenly disconnects you, don’t worry, your bed will still function 100% and you can get your sleep to tackle the other household issues in the morning.

What happens if the bed disconnects or I no longer seee my bed/pump’s WiFi signal?

The ReST Bed uses a mini computer system housed within the pump casing. As with most electronic devices, occasionally the bed may seem to become unresponsive to commands input from the app. If this is the case simply unplug the pump for 10-15 seconds to reset the internal computer. Theis should resolve connectivity issues.

Does ReST work on an adjustable bed frame?

Yes! In fact, ReST works with any base, adjustable or not.

Does the price of a ReST bed include delivery and set up?

No, our White Glove delivery service and set up is an additional $199.

Can you turn off the automatic adjustment feature and adjust the 5 bladders yourself to stay in a fixed mode?

Yes! You can toggle between automatic and manual modes at any time. The manual mode setting is where you can adjust any of the 5 bladders to your desired comfort level.


During the initial set up the bed does not seem to be inflating.

It may take up to one hour to initially fill the support chambers in the bed, and sometimes the pumps need to be re-set after initially being plugged in to inflate the bed properly. Confirm the hoses are connected fully, unplug the pump for 10-15 seconds and reconnect to the tablet. Then select ‘Fill Bed’.

When the bed initially inflated a large ‘bulge’ appeared on the surface of the bed. What’s up with that?

There are multiple air chambers inside a ReST Bed and during shipment these air chambers may shift and become crooked underneat the foam support layers. When this happens simply unzip the top of the bed, straighten and flatten out the air chambers so that they lie flat and end to end inside the bed between the edge support rails, and re-zip the bed shut. The bed should lie flat from the on.

The pump WiFi is not showing up as an option within tablet WiFi settings to connect to.

Occasionally, the WiFi signal can drop. Unplug the pump, wait 10-15 seconds and plug it back in again. Additionally, hold the reset button near the AC power port for another 10-15. You may hear the pump make some clicking sounds which is normal. Ensure the green LED light indicator is on and the pump is lightly whirring. If this continues to occur, please phone our helpline.

What happens if the power goes out?

Don’t worry your bed won’t start deflating. In the event of power loss, the ReST Bed will temporarily lose its ability to adjust. It will remain at the last firmness setting until the power is restored. The use of a surge protector is also strongly recommended to prevent damage to the internal electronics in the pump.


Is there a weight limit for the bed?

Yes, 750lbs per side.

My dog(s)/cat(s)/pet(s) typically sleep with me at night, is that ok on this bed? Will it affect the sensor?

Of course! Your furry friends will get the best sleep of their lives as well. Their pressure will show up on the app as the sensor covers the full width and length of each side of the bed. So, depending on how much you want to adjust both your and their sleep, we would likely recommend either manual or position mode for optimum customization based on where they typically snuggle in for the night. It is your personal preference though.

What do I do if I stain the top of the bed?

Good news! The cover of the ReST Bed is completely removable with a 360 degree zipper. The cover is 100% machine washable and stains do not void the warranty of the bed regardless. We recommend treating the stain and using a washing setting similar to any other athletic fabric (typically delicates) to maintain the moisture wicking and breathability functions of the fabric. We recommend line drying if possible again to maintain the fabric’s qualities and extend its lifetime, but a quick tumble on no or low heat will speed up the process if necessary.

What if the stain penetrated to the mattress?

We recommend spot cleaning the mattress below the cover with a damp cloth. If you spilled a lot of liquid, don’t worry, the sensor is protected with a waterproof covering under the foam, as well as carries anti-microbial properties and the air chambers won’t be affected either. Just dry it all up as much as you can, let pieces air dry where needed separately and then zip back all components together once they are all dry to the touch.

What is the otpimum placement for the pump? What if something spills on it?

The pump has an extensive hard plastic coating that protects all of the internal elements from most damage. We recommend placing the pump with air hose connections facing the wall / head of the bed to ensure the hoses do not twist excesively. If you have hardwood, tile or concrete floors, we also recommend placing the pump on shortpile rug or bathmat to absorb extra vibrations. Should the pump need cleaning, wipe the outside clean with a damp cloth, but do not immerse the pump or power supply in water or use any cleaning agents. There are no serviceable parts within the pump and no maintenance is required, opening the unit will void the warranty. If you are concerned the pump has any internal damage and the bed is not functioning, please phone our warranty helpline.

Still experiencing technical dificulties after trying the solutions above? Or did we not cover a question?

Please submit a question below and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible, or for more urgent queries, please phone our warranty and technology helpline on 888-588-1349.

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