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  • Josh Confirmed

    From: Thornton, CO
    5 Stars

    Awesome bed

    Let me start by saying the customer service at ReST is top notch! I’m a small business owner and take pride in providing great customer service it’s always nice to find a company that cares for customers and always returns the call to answer any questions in a timely manner. Huge shout out to Loyd and Sarah you guys are awesome such a pleasure to chat with you on the phone. The bed rocks the auto feature is genius love how I feel my shoulder drop and hips raise a bit when I roll to my side it really relieves those pressure points! Love it!
  • Janice Confirmed

    From: Bellingham, MA
    5 Stars


    I had a (modified; added a 3” memory topper) sleep number for 10 yrs and I sleep on my sisters 360 king split top sleep number. While that was better than my bed. neither come CLOSE to the ReST bed! AMAZING. Truly a smart bed. Sleep on any side and with a few clicks of the pump that’s not loud, then you have perfect pain free comfort ALL night long! I LOVE my ReST Smart Bed!!! J
  • Roxanne Confirmed

    From: Seattle, WA
    5 Stars

    Pain free!

    Adventures in buying a new bed for two very different people... My husband loved our queen sleep number bed and I HATED it. You see he never skips leg day and would put one of his meaty legs on my side causing the internal air mattress to misshapen. I’d end up sleeping on the sloped edge of a concave surface. We replaced it with a king memory foam mattress when I was pregnant with first child. At first we were both happy with it but Ryan quickly grew to HATE it. It was too warm and not firm enough for him. I loved it! After moving back to the USA we were rear-ended and I was rear-ended again 20 weeks pregnant almost losing her. We should have stayed in Japan! Needless to say I’ve woke up in pain everyday since Dec. 2nd, 2013 until this morning! After months and months of research online and much discussion we went shopping. I tried out the iNTELLibed Midnight and liked it so much I bought it and scheduled delivery. We got home and I started researching the iNTELLibed. The online reviews are great and they should be for the most expensive bed on the market. One of the crunchy mom bloggers I follow reviewed the chemical free version of our bed. I decided I needed to change out ours for that one. Why pay to put toxins where we sleep?!? Also my husband and I don’t like the same bed so maybe we need a split king mattress. There’s no way we’ll agree on head and foot positions. We reversed the iTELLibed and adjustable frame without hassle. In the midst of all of this I kept going back to the ReST bed online. It’s roots are in high end hospital beds for bedridden patients to prevent bed sores. It’s like a sleep number bed but WAY more advanced. It has five, yes five, adjustable air chambers per person! So if my husband’s leg ventures over onto my side it’ll just affect my leg air chamber, not my whole body. Plus lets be real, we’re married now, I’ll just nicely shove that leg back where it belongs. In addition, this bed is tech savvy, it automatically adjusts the 5 chambers using pressure sensors. You can set it on manual and adjust it the way you want it too. If that wasn’t enough, if a portion of it wears out you just fix or replace that part. No need to buy a brand new bed when the tech out dates or the foam breaks down. I really wanted to see it and touch it before buying it but that wasn’t an option. However, I was reassured by their reviews and return policy so I pulled the trigger. It arrived yesterday via white glove setup and we set both sides on automatic. We tossed and turned, sat up and watched the sensors change and it fine tuned the air chambers to correspond with our movement. If you are tech savvy enough to connect to your WiFi router you can setup this bed. If not get a grandkid to set it up for you. We went to sleep optimistic but skeptical and woke up believers. Best rest and sleep I’ve had since the first car accident if not since I was a child! After night one I highly recommend the ReST bed!
  • Kimberly Confirmed

    From: Denver
    5 Stars

    Best bed I've ever had!

    I have had my ReST bed for about a year and a half now and absolutely love it!! I was a little worried about the cost but when I laid on it in the showroom it felt right immediately. I haven't had any regrets. Being able to adjust the firmness of the bed for shape my body is in is perfect and wonderful to be able to do. It has made it so I have a GREAT night sleep every night!!! I really like the way bead is put together and if something were to happen you just have to replace that one thing. I did have to replace a sensor pad and it was super easy to do. The customer service is great as well. Lloyd had great patience with me and all my questions in the beginning and just recently I've talked to Sarah who was super easy to deal with. I would recommend the ReST bed! P.S. I have owned 2 Tempur-pedics and the ReST beats them hands down for a great nigh sleep.
  • Lisandro Vargas Confirmed

    From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    5 Stars

    Truly a Smart Bed for Comfort

    Having slept on the ReST Smart Bed for at least 6 months now I can definitely say this is truly a smart bed, the way it adjust to make sure your body get the rest it needs is incredible. This really is the bed that whether you sleep for 6 or 10 hours you wake up rested and energized. My girlfriend loves the fact that we do not have to settle on one type of firmness as she can customize her side to her preference without me disturbing her when my side customizes on its own, can not go wrong with that!
  • Rolf Schlup Confirmed

    From: Beausejour, Manitoba
    5 Stars

    My most comfortable mattress to date

    After 1 month of use, I must say this bed is way more comfortable than my Tempur. The mattresses I owned over the years were either too hard or too soft. With this, I can zero in on my ideal firmness. No longer do I wake up with an aching back.
  • Sarah Henderson Confirmed

    From: Rochester, New York
    5 Stars

    Best Sleep Yet!

    My partner and I have been sleeping on our ReST bed for about a month now, and it is safe to say, best month sleep ever. We are both restless sleepers and usually toss throughout the night. I use the auto position mode, so no matter what, I stay comfy and asleep, finally... I don't know if he is still tossing in his sleep, because I can't feel it and don't wake up for it anymore. We are very happy with this bed!
  • Katie Confirmed

    From: PAHRUMP, nv
    5 Stars

    Great for couples with different sleeping preferences

    We opted to set our rest bed up on our own. The setup was super easy. The quick reference guide was easy to understand. It took a little bit to get the setting right but I like soft beds and my husband likes firm beds. This is perfect. I've slept better the last few nights than any other night.
  • Andrew Confirmed

    From: Rochester, NY
    5 Stars

    So glad we picked a ReST Bed!

    My partner and I have used everything from a cheap $500 dollar mattress, up to a Tempur-Pedic mattress and nothing could provide the support we both needed. Thank god we found the ReST bed! I prefer a stiffer bed, but I roll around a lot so having a bed that adjusts to me automatically is outstanding! My back is never tight or sore when I wake up! My partner prefers a slightly softer mattress, but she struggles with upper body stiffness and pain so having the ability to pre-set her side to suit her needs has done wonders for her. We are both beyond thankful that we have a ReST bed and we would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to truly sleep better and give your body the support it needs without having to adjust anything manually.
  • Tamika Confirmed

    From: New Braunfels
    5 Stars

    Great Customer Service!!

    My bed would not inflate on one side. I called customer support and Sara sent my replacement parts the very next day. It was quick and easy and my bed is now working. I am very pleased.

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