Explore why Professional Wrestler, Robbie E loves his ReST Bed™.

Why does Professional Wrestler, Robbie E love his ReST Bed™ so much?


Straight from the shores of Jersey comes Robbie E, the proud Italian who’s always down for a day at the beach to get his tan on or some fist pumping at the club.  With the help of his personal bodyguard Robbie T, Robbie E likes to keep his competitors off the “list,” which grants access into his posse.

A deadly head of spiked hair weaponry helped him claim TNA X Division Championship gold.  Robbie E also earned the Television Championship, which just so happens to be the most blingin’ title at IMPACT WRESTLING, but was robbed by some hamster. After all, Robbie E has plenty of ability and attitude to get it done bro!

Mirinda Carfrae Ironman Athlete

Q: What was your first reaction to hearing about the ReST Bed™?

After a night of wrestling, my body hurts, and I wondered if it would help, so I couldn’t wait to get home to try sleeping in it.

Q: Now that you’ve been sleeping on it, what do you like most?
I like that I can target specific body parts.  This has been a blessing.

Q: How did you feel after sleeping in it?
I felt refreshed and painless after just the first night of sleep.  Each morning, it was harder and harder to get out of bed cause of how comfortable it is! My WHOLE body feels amazing!

Robbie E

Professional Wrestler

No Other Bed In The World Can Do This!