About ReST

Responsive Surface Technology (“ReST”) is a sleep technology innovator who is perfecting the sleep experience.  Our vision is to positively impact one-third of a person’s day.

Our main product is the ReST Bed™, which Engadget called “the smartest smart bed”.  The ReST Bed™ uses patented technology to sense changes in pressure and interact with the mattress in order to automatically respond to the sleeper’s comfort and support needs throughout the night.  In addition, a ReST Bed™ provides useful information and data about consumers’ sleep patterns.

Since forming about four years ago, ReST has generated close to $10 million of revenue, including signing deals with the world’s top mattress retailers.  By September, we expect more than 200 retail locations to be selling our smart bed.

To achieve this success, our entrepreneurial team has relied on hard work, flexibility, and creativity.  The ReST Bed™’s compelling value proposition has amassed a passionate consumer base and meaningful press coverage, including being named CES Best in Show and appearing in The Wall Street Journal , Huffington Post, Mens Fitness, and Men’s Journal (https://www.restperformance.com/press/).

ReST is poised for explosive growth.  We expect to achieve annual sales of $50 million within the next three years.

Job Positions Currently Open:

(1) National Sales Trainer

Based on our success noted above, we have grown rapidly and organically without devoting as much time to training retailers on how to sell the ReST Bed™ as we would like. With a new round of investment capital completed, we are now prioritizing this aspect of our business.

Retailers are enthusiastic about selling the ReST Bed™, and they love when we visit them.  After a training session, we see a spike in sales.

We are seeking a National Sales Trainer who will:

  • Visit ReST Bed™ authorized retailers to train RSA’s (retail sales associates) on how to properly show/sell the ReST Bed™ with the goal of increasing the per-store sales.
  • Develop a comprehensive training program that includes video and print-based tutorials, sales tools, and the like.
  • Lead our event-based sales efforts, including ReST’s partnership with IRONMAN and trade shows.

This is a hands-on role that involves a heavy amount of travel (perhaps three-quarters of the time), including internationally.  Compensation is performance-based and may include options.

ReST has a Showroom / office in the fast-growing and fun West Midtown neighborhood: 1000 Marietta Street NW, Suite 106, Atlanta, GA.

Please email your resume and cover letter to lloyd.sommers@restperformance.com

Upcoming Positions: 

Expected Opening Q3/Q4: Marketing Manager