Christmas eve, The New York Times published “Bedtime Technology for a Better Night’s Sleep”, which was an intriguing article about sleep technology by Molly Wood.

As someone running a company whose mission is to create the perfect sleep environment, I am glad that the importance of good sleep (and the lack thereof) is getting more attention in the media.  To explain how a smart bed is a game-changing sleep technology, here are three examples from the article.


(1) “For the serious sleeper, there are…smart beds.”

Depends how you define “smart.”  We believe that for a product to be truly “smart” it must automatically respond.  Is an office chair smart because you can adjust the height and tilt before you sit down?  A ReST Bed™ senses changes in body pressure and position…and automatically responds to whatever level of comfort you need or desire.  You don’t have to select a setting before going to sleep.  Sleep is a series of states; it’s dynamic.  And so in order to maximize comfort, the mattress must be dynamic too.

(2) “a…mattress alone isn’t enough to improve…sleep issues”

Imagine if it could!  Take snoring as an example.  Snoring is caused by air not flowing freely through your nose and mouth while you sleep.  This is often the result of poor sleep posture.  But what if your mattress could re-position your body to open the airways so that air could flow?  That would reduce or eliminate snoring!  A ReST Bed™ can sense changes in body pressure and position – and automatically respond in real-time.

(3) “If you live alone, you might have no idea that you have…problems like sleepwalking”

With a ReST Bed™, when you wake up in the morning, you can check out various reports on our app.  One of these reports is a map of pressure and body position throughout the night.  If this map shows no pressure…then you weren’t in the bed during that period of time!  You don’t need to wear anything (which may disrupt your normal routines or behaviors), or place anything beside your bed (which requires extra work).

Thank you, Molly, for educating The New York Times readers on the latest in sleep technology.  We hope you will drop by our booth at CES so we can show you how a smart bed is a game-changer!